Stigma Exorcism

“Stigma Exorcism” details a list of all the things for which I could be stigmatized, from “white” and “Jewish” to “guilty of accidental homicide” and “diagnosed with mental disorders”.  A series of people from the audience write the words onto my skin, which I proceed to cover with all the ingredients for a cake : sugar, flour, milk, butter…  Once all the ingredients are present on my skin I produce a cake, or series of cakes, finished, with the word “Stigma” across the surface.  I serve the cake, and members of the public eat the Stigma, thereby nullifying it.


Performance sites:  Miami International Performance Art Festival, Miami, Florida, International Multimedia Art Festival, Odzaci, Serbia, Abierto de Accion Express,  Madrid, Spain, Dimanche Rouge Barcelona Edition, Barcelona, Spain.

Photographers:  Ian Whitford, Alexei Tellerias-Diaz, Emiliano Plank, Eliane Akl, Mario Gutierrez-Cru.

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