Impact 24

Impacto 24 was an experimental piece performed over 24 hours as part of the Performatorio festival of durational performance in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic in October, 2012.  I collected all of my waste products generated during the 24 hours and hung them from around my neck.  The waste products included bottles, food waste, and urine.  For each waste product I wrote out labels indicating the chain of environmental impacts. For example, for a chicken bone I had labels indicating the impact of the waste of the chicken as it grew, the impact of any hormones injected into the chicken, the fertilizers and pesticides used to grow the chicken's food, and the impact of the transportation to get the chicken to where I consumed it.  Each label was attached to a wooden disk, the chain of which was attached to a belt around my waist, creating a sort of skirt.  At the end of the performance I removed the waste products and the wooden skirt and hung them on the wall of the gallery.

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