The Money Series

The Money Series interrogates the global institution of paper currency, and the value-added phenomena of the art object.   Before the advent of paper currency people exchanged, or bartered, the actual objects of physical value – your potatoes for my cowhide.  The next phase was to substitute a more fungible signifier of value, but still a physical object – like gold or silver, or cows.  Finally we arrived at paper currency, which originally was backed up by an equivalent quantity of gold, held in state reserves.  Today paper currency rests largely on collective agreements to honor paper printed with a certain number as representing a value exchangeable for concrete goods and services.  Absent these agreements, what is paper currency good for?  Further, the paper currency of different countries takes on wildly different values, reflecting global economic power relations.

Here enters the Artist.  She takes US Dollars, the currency of refuge for most of the world, and, by sewing them together, transforms the paper money into handicraft, or cloth, which could be used as fashion, or as a Work of Art.  As a Work of Art the money cloth acquires a worth much greater than its face value.

39 Duartes

Federal Reserve

1.34 Bucks

Economi Creatif

Hyperinflation Zimbabwe

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