1.34 Bucks,  III International Festival of Action Art of Pumarejo, Weber-Lutgen Gallery, Seville, Plaza de Pumarejo, Seville, Spain

At the time of the performance, in 2013, the Euro was worth 1.34 US Dollars, and the value of the dollar had been falling against the Euro.  The performance took place in the Plaza de Pumarejo in Seville, Spain, the site of a Community Exchange System that created a local currency, the Puma https://monedasocialpuma.wordpress.com/5-fines-de-la-moneda-social/)  The project held a monthly market in the plaza during which locally-made goods and services could be bought with pumas.

  I set up a table in the market to sell my cloth-art made of US dollars, explaining to potential customers that I was a visiting US artist, that my dollars were not worth much against the euro, and that I was creating a product of greater worth than its face value, to be exchanged for pumas.  Nobody bought it.

The performance entered its second phase when I moved to the center of the plaza, taped the money cloth to my body, and over my head so that I could not see.   I smeared paint with my hands over the cloth with the red and blue of the US flag.   I then proceeded to tear the cloth apart and offered it for free to the public.  Someone in the crowd called out “now it’s a work of art and will be worth millions some day”, and several children rushed forward to take their share.

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