All The Pills

All the Pills” recounts all the pills I have taken in my life for mental disorders – depression, bipolar Type II, brief psychoses.  When I began in 2011 I had estimated the total to be around 25,000.   In the performance I simply list the scientific name and quantity of a medicine that I have taken for mental disorders, and I empty that quantity of empty pill capsules on the table or floor in front of me.  At the end of the performance I sweep all the pills back into a bucket, into which I invite the public thrust their hands to feel thousands of pills against their skin.  I finish by pouring the bucket over my head.”


Performance Sites: Epipiderme, Lisbon, Portugal, Second Jornada de Arte de Acción de Pumarejo, Sevilla, Spain, Dimanche Rouge Barcelona Edidtion,  Barcelona, Spain and Life Bloody Live, Galerie Moretti and Morretti, Paris, France.

Photographers: Gilles Gallois, Eliane Akl, Emiliano, Ian Whitford, Manuel Reyes.

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